B.Com. Vs. BBA - What to choose after 12th?| Expert Speak | Abhishek Pathak

Publish Date:23-03-2020 10:55:11

Management aspirants applying for the undergraduate level courses are often found in dilemma especially when one has to make a choice between Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)? Both the courses carry their distinct pros and cons and it is important that an aspirant should take this decision in the wake of his/her career aspirations. In this video, our expert, Mr. Kumar Abhishek Pathak, from IMS Learning Recourse will guide the aspirants in the right direction. He has shared several facets of both BBA/BMS and B.Com course. The final decision of choosing a traditional B.Com course over the professional BBA course or the vice-versa lies with the aspirant. Listen to our expert as he recommends that the decision should be taken on the basis of the outcome that an aspirant wants to achieve in upcoming 5-7 years. Get to know which course is better "BBA or B.Com"?