Career in Law | Expert Speak | Niluufer Jain

Publish Date:06-08-2019 11:55:37

According to a recent report, over 60,000 cases are currently pending in Supreme Court of India, 42 lakh cases are pending in State High Courts while 2.7 crore cases are pending in District and Sub-ordinate Courts. While these numbers show the dismal state of Indian Judiciary, there is no denying the fact that Judicial System is one of the strongest pillars of the country, which has not only defended but promoted the very idea of India. Among the many reasons that can be attributed to the crisis that Indian Judiciary is facing, lack of qualified and trained lawyers is a significant one. Despite being a lucrative, fulfilling and satisfying career option, very few know and understand what does Career in Law or Career as a Lawyer entail. In this video, Career Expert Niluufer Jain shares key details about Career in Law including courses, certifications, fees, salary prospects, specializations, entrance exams etc. that will guide you carve a bright and fruitful career in the field of Law. So let’s find out, what it takes to be a Lawyer in India!