CLAT 2020 – Implications of Removing Legal Aptitude Section | Expert Speak | Amit Poddar | TIME Education

Publish Date:06-01-2020 12:15:04

CLAT 2020 exam comprises of five sections and as per the aspirants, the Legal Aptitude section is one of the trickiest parts to deal with. Questions based on several laws, torts, sections and articles is the reason why aspirants dread preparation of Legal aptitude section. However, this year onwards, CLAT 2020 entrance will not carry core questions from the Legal Aptitude section. Our expert, Mr. Amit Poddar will highlight how to prepare for CLAT Legal Aptitude, which areas to strengthen and which ones you can let go. Find out the implications of removal of CLAT Legal Aptitude section on your preparation and how to ace the CLAT 2020 exam for admission to the best Law Colleges in the country.