General Knowledge videos

  • Indian vs Pakistan Forces Comparison 2019

    #Indianarmy is considered as the fourth largest army in the world while Pakistan army is considered as the sixth largest army in the world. #IndianAirforce has 1720 aircraft while Pakistan Air force has 961 aircraft. The defense budget of India is around 64 billion dollar in the financial year 2017 while it was just 7.6 billion in case of Pakistan’s defense budget. Let's check out the detailed comparison between Indian and Pakistan Forces.

  • What is the Narco Test?

    Narco test is conducted to extract the truth from a criminal or accused person in the hypnotic state. Narco-analysis is also known as the truth serum test. To conduct this test, experts inject the person with Sodium Pentothal or Sodium Amytal. This medicine makes the culprit unconscious and the truth came out automatically.

  • How ICC Ranking is calculated?

    ICC Player Ranking is a table where the performance of international cricketers is ranked using a Points Base System. Players are rated on a scale of 0 to 1000 points. If a player's performance is better than previous year’s performance then his rating points increase; and if performance decreases then ranking points also decreases.

  • How blind players play cricket?

    In the blind cricket the regular cricket bat shall be used with standard specifications while ball is made of plastic which has ball bearings inside it. The ball sound like tingling so that the players can recognise the direction of the ball. There are a total number of 11 players in each team, consist of at least four totally blind players and three partially blind players (B2), and up to four partially sighted players (B3).

  • Laws to deal with False FIR

    What is FIR, what are the Legal laws to deal with false FIR, under which section of CrPC, IPC and Indian Constitution, laws to deal with fake FIR are mentioned. If someone has lodged a false FIR against you then it is necessary to file a complaint in the police against that person. Let us study about the laws to deal with false FIR through this video.