Govt Job Online Application Form Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Publish Date:08-03-2019 04:45:40

With passage of time, Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives. Internet has grasped all the sectors and spheres of our lives including private as well as government job search.

Nowadays, starting from the application process to admit card/call letter, written test, exam result as well as call letter for interview and result for final selection in almost all the government jobs is conducted online.

With increase in online trend, government job seeking candidates tend to make some mistakes that drive them into problems with submission of application process and sometimes even cancellation of it. Here we are discussing some important mistakes that candidates generally do while filling up their online application forms and also how candidates can avoid the mistakes from occurring. Below some mistakes and the easy way to avoid them are penned down.

Spelling and Grammatical Errors: One of the most common reasons for the rejection of Online applications is spelling and grammatical mistakes. With such mistakes, candidates generally attract recruiters’ attention on the proficiency over the language and the hold on it. This certainly makes the recruiter get a glimpse of the weakness with the language and its usage.

Following Instructions: Applicants should read all the guidelines before filling up their form. It is advisable for all the appearing candidates to read all the documents and instructions thoroughly before making a call. Failing to do so can easily get your applications rejected.

Giving false or incorrect information in your bio-data: This is an important and deliberately made mistake that candidates need to avoid henceforth. This mistake can possibly cancel the candidature or remove the candidate from the job at the time of 'verification' or sometimes even after getting the job.

Submission of Application form before last date: Most of the candidates submit online application form on the last date of application. Never do that! With thousands or lakhs of candidates applying for same government job on the last date of submission of application brings in excessive load on a website. At times due to this reason some technical fault occurs and it hampers the submission of application forms online.

Blank column on Application Form: Candidates often submit the application forms keeping some columns blank in the application forms. This happens as they forget to fill it on that particular time or they don’t find exact information for it. Try avoiding such mistakes because doing so may result in rejection of your application form.

Apply as Per Your Eligibility & Interest: With the desire and wish of getting a government job, candidates at times fail to understand their area of interest regarding a government job they are applying. At times candidates submit online applications for such jobs, for which they are not interested and neither eligible for it. It affects your productivity after you have acquired the job.

Provide Accurate Reasons for Job Gaps: Sometimes, there is a need to leave any current job for further studies/skill training/illness / marriage and childbirth in case of female candidates. Candidates often make the mistake of not explaining the reason for the job gap while applying. When you have a gap be sure to provide accurate and rational information in this regard. This will help you to be confident enough with your reasons and also will leave a better impact on the recruiter.

Proofreading is a Must: When the time for filling up any application form is less, candidates tend to fill it anyhow and send it no sooner without proof reading. This is the big mistake done by candidates. Proof reading is an intense and one of the most important part of work you need to do before clicking that send button. With submission of any wrong information, the application form is sure to be cancelled.

Sending All Important Documents: Many organizations make it necessary to submit soft copies of other important documents with online application forms. Keep in mind to attach all the required documents with the filled up application form before submission.

Read Eligibility Criteria before Applying: Read the eligibility criteria of the job notification before applying for any government job. Candidates who want to acquire that particular job should meet the eligibility criteria. If candidates applying for the job position does not meet the required eligibility criteria and are under or over qualified for the post, then the cancellation of application form is confirmed.

Never use Smart Phone for Applying: It is a no always. Never use smart phone to apply for any government job. It is advisable to use desktops or laptops for applying for any government job. Smart phones sometimes can go through technical glitches which can bring in hurdles in the way of your application process.