Shin-Chan की आवाज़ से मिलें | Voice Artist कैसे बनें | Akanksha Sharma | Josh Ki Awaaz

Publish Date:07-11-2019 04:35:04

Akansha Sharma is a voice artist, she is known as the voice of ShinChan, and currently she is the voice of the cartoon character Nobita. She does many voices in cartoon dubbing industry. She also worked in many dubbing movies.  ShinChan is a cartoon serial which is very favorite of all Child. Almost all child loves Shin Chan. Also, Nobita is also a famous character in the and Akansha Sharma is the voice behind the picture.

If you are afraid that how to choose the career as a voice artist? And have queries related to this profession then this is the video where you can find the answers to these questions then you are at very right place. Watch the video to find out all the answers related to this profession. Here you will get the right information from Akansha Sharma who is experienced voice artist.