National Pollution Control Day 2019 | जानें क्या है Air Quality Index

Publish Date:02-12-2019 10:55:42

Pollution is a major problem facing whole world these days. It is necessary to take some measures and combat it. The National Pollution control Day is celebrated on 2 December every year. On the occasion of  National Pollution Control Day we are telling you about the National Air Quality Index (AQI) which was launched in New Delhi on September 17, 2014. Do you know air quality index is composed of 8 pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, NH3, and Pb). The Air Quality Index measures the quality of air, it shows the amount and types of gases dissolved in the air. There are 6 categories of the air have been created in this air quality index. These categories are based on air quality. These categories are; good, satisfactory, moderate, poor, very poor and severe. Lets know more about the Air Quality Index with the help of this video.