NMAT by GMAC vs. CAT, XAT, other MBA Entrance Exams

Publish Date:30-09-2019 09:00:56

Think about all the popular MBA Entrance Exams in India and NMAT by GMAC will surely emerge as a unique test that is quite different from the typical B-school screening tests. Be it the wide test period or the option to appear for the NMAT multiple times in the same session; there are many key differences between NMAT and other MBA entrance exams that make it stand out and apart. These differences and nuances make NMAT a distinct exam that needs special attention of the aspirants. To help you understand this better, Mr Alok Bansal shares what makes NMAT different from other MBA entrance exam and why should you appear for it. Additionally, he will also provide you practical study tips that you can apply to ace the NMAT 2019 exam.