Skills Upgrade करने के लिए जानें Expert Advice | Mr. Srinivasa Addepalli

Publish Date:01-10-2020 10:35:52

The outbreak and rapid spread of Coronavirus world-wide and India has put the country through testing times. With schools, colleges, universities and training institutes shut down and the country-wide prevalent lockdown, the youth of the country find themselves in a situation like never-before. It is without a doubt that the situation has majorly affected the course-work and learning of the students at various levels. While the Government of India is doing everything in its power to contain the spread of the virus and enable the country to function simultaneously amidst lockdown, the citizens, particularly the youth also need to shoulder responsibility to ensure that they utilise the time at home to the best of their ability. In this video, Expert Mr. Srinivasa Addepalli is answering your questions and giving solutions to upgrade and update your skills.