Top 7 Habits That Are Secretly Damaging Your Brain!

By Anshika Verma18, Sep 2023 11:00

Consuming too much sugar

This occurs because the body cannot supply adequate nutrients to the brain that inhibits the brain's ability to grow and develop.

Not getting enough sleep

The brain's capacity to remember new knowledge can be hampered by even one night of insufficient sleep.

Skipping breakfast

Main reason why people skip breakfast is to save time. But are you aware that skipping breakfast might harm your brain?


During multitasking, people do switch from one activity to another and there is a cognitive penalty each time they do.


The impact of this habit has on your brain is perhaps the worst. Smoking has numerous detrimental impacts on your brain.

Playing loud music on headphones

When your brain has to work harder to comprehend what someone is saying, it is unable to memorise what you have heard.

Not exercising

Exercising regularly has a positive impact on the brain. It calms your body and your brain to function properly.

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