Tips to Crack UGC NET in 1st Attempt

By Priyanka Pal2023-03-03, 16:12

Time Management Skills

If you want to know your actual performance level make it a habit to set a time limit for any subject .

Clear your Concepts

To pass this exam you need to know that everything there is to know about the topics in questions.

Smart Study

Examine how well you have studied as opposed to counting the number of hours you have spent study.

Practice Mock Tests

It helps the candidate in developing the right strategy, which usually varies from student to student.


The most important points will both improve as a result of regularly reviewing the concepts.

Make Short Notes

Make sure your notes are concise and written well.


It's critical to keep a positive attitude about your work, No matter what has happened in the past.


A single strategy will not work for everyone, and only you can formulate your preparation strategy.

Break After Every Study

Never cut yourself off from your friends and family,take it easy, eat well, and study diligently.

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