CBSE Board Exam 2024: 7 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades!

By Anshika Verma05, Sep 2023 09:33

Start Preparation Early

A month or more before the exams, students must begin their exam preparation. For better memorisation, students should start early.

Follow the Syllabus

When preparing for the CBSE Board Exam, you should stick to the prescribed syllabus. Although you can study additional sources for reference.

Prepare Short Notes

Students who are serious about excelling in their CBSE board exams should adhere to a solid review plan. It might be beneficial to make brief notes.

Do Practice Tests

Students are already anxious about the board exams. This may slow down students' writing during the exam procedure.

Get Proper Rest

Many students must stay up all night to study for Board exams. You'll feel more exhausted the next day, so it does more harm than good.

Maintain Proper Health

Your lifestyle decisions are important for sustaining proper health and to score well. Therefore, having a suitable meal plan would be beneficial.

Focus on Being Meticulous

If you carefully go through the content, you will be better able to identify any terms or phrases that may appear in the MCQ part.

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