How To Write Short Poems In 7 Easy Steps?

By Anshika Verma20, Nov 2023 10:45

Get the inspiration

Continue to be inspired until something clicks. This inspiration could come from a single word, a line, a cause, or a memory.

Just Say It

Try describing an event or telling a story in, say, no more than five lines. Don't hesitate to take action, just go for it.

Select Your Words

Select the appropriate terms for it. Choose the sentences that use the least space to express the greatest meaning.

Read out loud

Read your poetry aloud until you are satisfied with the rhythm and feel that it makes the point you believe it should be.

Use poetic devices

To deepen the meaning of your poetry, use poetic devices. Extended metaphors can be effectively displayed in short poems.

Get Some Space

Pause before attempting to modify. Looking critically at your writing will make you want to start over.

Look for suggestions

Seek advice from others. Another option is to ask a mentor or close friend to hear your short poem and go through it with you.

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