Grammar Tips: 5 Words To Use In Place Of Important!

By Anshika Verma13, Sep 2023 12:13

Smart words to use instead of important

There are some English words that are quite common and are used repeatedly and one of them is ‘important.’ Here are 5 easy alternatives to use important. Tap to check!

What does ‘important’ mean?

Important refers to something or someone that is ‘of great significance or value,’ or ‘having high rank or status.’


You can use essential in place of important in many sentences. For example, the book has at least one essential flaw.


Crucial can also be used instead of important in sentences. For example, this game is crucial for our survival.


You can use major instead of important to show importance. For example, he got the major share of the spoils.


Critical can also be used in place of important. For example, I was very critical of the previous regime.


You can also use significant instead of important. For example, it is significant that you are the first person to be invited.

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