Gandhi Jayanti 2023: 6 Fun Activities For Kids To Learn About 'Bapu'

By Anshika Verma01, Oct 2023 08:22

Dress up like Gandhi

Gandhi's simplicity, which was evident in his appearance. Let your kids wear a white dhoti and shawl inspired by him.

Introduce them to the charkha

Kids today may not be familiar with khadi or the charkha (spinning wheel) since they want to wear the newest fashion trends.

Play a game about truth

Gandhi was a strong proponent of truth and honesty. Take advantage of the chance to engage kids in a game about honesty.

Talk about the 'Three Wise Monkeys'

Gandhi owned a statue of the Three Wise Monkeys, which served as a visual representation of his message of tolerance and peace.

Indulge in arts and crafts

Ask kids to come up with creative artwork that portray Gandhi's life. It can be depicted in a painting or spinning wheel.

The Gandhi Quiz

Another excellent technique to teach kids about Gandhi's beliefs is with a quiz that contains questions about him.

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