Top 6 Movies That Inspire Students To Study!

By Anshika Verma15, Sep 2023 05:22

Good Will Hunting

Students will be very inspired by this movie to make changes in their lives and devote more time to their academics and study more.

The Theory Of Everything

This movie is a biography of scientist Eddie Redmayne, who captured the essence of a young Ph.D. despite having Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Dead Poets Society

English teacher, who changed the game for boys by employing unique teaching techniques. This film will motivate you to work harder.

The Great Debaters

This movie, which is based on Melvin B. Tolson's true story depicts the tale of individuals who never wanted to give up on studies.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The inspiring true story of Chris Gardner, who went from sleeping on the subway to becoming the rich creator of a business.

I am Kalam

This movie, I Am Kalam is about optimism and self-belief. Both adults and students will find this movie to be quite inspirational.

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