National Science Day 2023 : Know History, Significance Of This Day

By Priyanka Pal2023-02-28, 13:08

Science Day

India Celebrates National Science Day on February 28 every year to mark the contribution of scientists towards the development of the country

Indian Physicist

In 1928, Indian Physicists Sir CV Raman made an important discovery in the filed of spectroscopy.

What is Raman Effect ?

Raman effect is the phenomenon is spectroscopy discovered by Sir Raman while working in the laboratory.

Science Day Theme

The theme of National Science Day 2023 is 'Global science for Global Wellbeing'.


The National Council for Science and Technology Communication in 1986 asked the Government of India to announce February 28 as National Science Day.

First National Science Day

The Government accepted and declared the first National Science Day on 28 February 1987.


National Science Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of science,Educational institute celebrates this day by speeches, radio, T.V, etc.

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