NEET Aspirants Study Plan : Strategy for NEET 2023 Preparation

By Priyanka Pal2023-03-07, 13:26

NEET Study Plan

NEET Exam is one of the most difficult medical entrance exams in India for Which Lakhs of students appear every year.

NEET Syllabus

NCERT books are highly recommended for NEET as they help in laying the foundation for a basic understanding of every concept.

Create Timetable

If you do not have a timetable, you will be left confused about what and when to study so, you have to attend your school while preparing.

Figure Out Subject

You should make yourself well aware of each subject's difficulty level and devote your time accordingly.


It is only about remembering the facts, scientific names, diagrams, definitions, and concepts.


There are mainly three parts of Chemistry for NEET - 1. Physical - Questions are for formula based 2. Organic - they are solely based on students learning 3.Inorganic utilized for scoring well.


If you want to score well, you should be well aware of all the formulas and their applications.

Make Notes

When you are reading a new chapter, concept, or topic, make a habit of making notes side by side.

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