6 Red Flags In Resume Candidates Should Not Ignore

By Anshika Verma26, Sep 2023 01:14 PMjagranjosh.com

Gaps in employment history

If you have gap in your career, always put it in your resume. There are many reasons why a candidate has multiple gaps.

Major or frequent grammar and punctuation mistakes

A resume that contains grammar mistakes shows a lack of effort and attention to it. Be very careful while updating your resume.

Failure to follow directions

Failure to follow instructions shows a candidate may not be able to follow instructions in future too. It is required to follow all the directions.

Lack of growth or development

When HR reads through your resume, they look at your growth starting with lower-level occupations and moving up to higher-level positions.

Unusual job history or qualifications

Make sure to include relatable information. An unusual experience that is unrelated to the position you are applying for will be rejected.

Not filling in all information

When you are applying for a position, make sure to fill in all information. No matter whatever the reason is never exclude any information.

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