Top 5 Highest Oil Consumption Countries In The World!

By Anshika Verma09, Sep 2023 03:51

Oil Consumption

Oil is one of the most significant energy resources, and it continues to support the economies of the world. Tap to read about the top 5 oil consumption countries in the world!

United States of America

The US is the largest oil user in the world, consuming 20.31% of all oil produced. Not only as an oil consumer but also as an oil producer, it holds the top ranking.


China is the second-largest consumer of oil in the world, consuming over 16% of global oil output. Although China's output is far less than what it consumes.


India is the third-largest oil consumer in the world, using 4.65 million barrels. Due to its rapid economic growth, India's energy needs have been rising.


Russia has the fourth position in terms of consumption with 3.61 million b/d. Earlier it was on the fifth spot in terms of oil consumption.


Japan is the fifth-largest oil user in the world, consuming 3.43 million b/d. The country's proportion of global energy consumption has decreased.

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