CAT 2023: A Week Left, Top 6 Preparation Hacks To Follow!

By Anshika Verma20, Nov 2023 12:27


The CAT Exam 2023 will be conducted on November 26. It is the crucial requirements for admission to the best MBA programs in India. Tap to read about last week's preparation tips to ace it!

Create a Strategy For Your Studying

Make a study plan for the time you have available after you have a solid understanding of the exam structure. Create a proper strategy.

Evaluate your mock tests

It's crucial to evaluate your mocks in order to identify your errors because this will highlight your areas of improvement.

Get Time Management Practice

When taking the CAT exam, effective time management is crucial. Answer questions quickly by practicing within the allotted time.

Maintaining a Peaceful Mindset

Remember to take care of oneself as soon as you feel overwhelmed when you're engrossed in CAT exam preparation.

Take Regular Breaks

There may be difficult moments during your preparation when you feel down, but you have to keep in mind that breaks are necessary.

Read Consistently

An essential part of the CAT exam is reading. You should read books and newspapers to improve your comprehension skills.

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