World Consumer Rights Day 2023 : History, Significance and Theme

By Priyanka Pal2023-03-15, 17:54

World Consumer Rights Day

World consumer rights day is celebrated on 15 March Every year to create global awareness about the rights and needs of consumer.

Aim to celebrate

The day aims to recognise consumer rights and ensure that they are respected and protected.

World Consumer Rights Day 2023 Theme

The theme for this year's World Consumer Rights Day is Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions.

History of World Consumer Rights

World Consumer Rights Day has been inspired by former President of the United States John F Kennedy.


Being a consumer, a person has the right to know about the purity, price, potency, quality, and quantity of the good or service purchased.

When Consumer Protection bill pass in India ?

On December 9, 1986, the consumer protection act was passed in the Indian Parliament to empower the consumers.

The Act Focused on -

The establishment of consumer councils, forums and appellate courts for the settlement of consumer's grievances.

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