6 Phrases Confident People Never Use In Conversations

By Anshika Verma26, Sep 2023 10:42 AMjagranjosh.com

‘I am not sure, but’

Confident people don't begin their sentences or opinions with ‘I'm not sure,’ they just speak what they are going to say.

‘but I don’t know’

Being able to accept your ignorance is a sign of strength rather than weakness. Confident people are always eager to ask.

‘I just’

Many people are guilty of beginning their statements with the word ‘just,’ what distinguishes confident people from others is their ability to do so.

‘I guess’

When given a straightforward yes or no question, confident people never respond with ‘I guess.’ They say simple yes or no.

‘Kind of’ or ‘sort of’

When you use ‘kind of’ or ‘sort of,’ it is difficult to convey your true intentions. Avoid using these, it invites criticism.

I’ll try

When asked to perform anything, a confident person doesn't respond, ‘I'll try.’ They respond with a simple yes or no instead.

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