8 Good Habits That Students Must Practice Everyday

By Anshika Verma26, Sep 2023 07:00 AMjagranjosh.com

Write down your important tasks to accomplish for the day

Without a written list to keep you organised, it's simple to forget about crucial activities. Start this if you want to learn more effectively.

Update your calendar with key events

This is a valuable tool for both daily schedule and long-term planning. This will help you to keep organised with the use of calendars.

Do your most challenging task during your productive time

Take on your most difficult task while your body and intellect are at their best. This will give you the strength to do the task quickly.

Perform focused deep breathing for 2 minutes

Stress can have a negative effect on academics. Research has shown that deep breathing can lower stress and boost willpower.

Perform a random act of kindness

When you practice of carrying out a random act of kindness at least once per day, you'll feel better about yourself and life in general.

Do something that scares you

The best method to gain courage is to make a list of your worries and choose a little action you can take right now to face them.

Exercise for at least 15 minutes

Even though you might not have time to spend in the gym, students should make it a point to exercise for just a few minutes daily.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Many students find it difficult to develop the healthy habit of getting enough sleep. Atleast 8 hours of sleep is required for everyone.

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