7 Best Tips To Avoid Mobile Addiction In Kids!

By Anshika Verma05, Sep 2023 05:06 PMjagranjosh.com

Set Limits On Screen Time

The majority of specialists advise parents to limit their kid's screen time which includes TV, computers, and mobile devices.

Encourage Other Activities

Encourage them to take part in other activities as a means to assist them in overcoming their phone addiction.

Get Them Involved In Family Activities

You can take a few steps to assist your kids in kicking their cellphone addiction. One strategy is to include them in family activities.

Take Away Their Phone At Night

Take away your kid's phone at night if you want them to avoid their phones. They can devote more time to other activities.

Have one-on-one discussions

Inquire about their past experiences and, if possible, discover any buried feelings they may have about anything.

Help Them With Other Things To Do

Instead of giving your kid access to video games. They will be less likely to go towards mobile apps if they have more choices.

Be Patient with them

Being patient with your kid is crucial because it can be unpleasant to watch them get dependent on their phone.

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