Top 7 Tips To Study Smarter, Not Longer!

By Anshika Verma13, Sep 2023 02:46

Create a study schedule

It's time to study more intelligently and setting up a study routine is the first step towards accomplishing this.

Eliminate distractions

The key to effective study is to get rid of distractions. You will become much more focused and get one step closer.

Take study breaks

The old battle of studying effectively rather than diligently. Take a break the next time you are buried in your textbooks.

Set weekly goals

When it comes to studying smarter, setting goals is essential, without them, you will just be lost in a maze of textbooks.

Use active learning techniques

Don't limit yourself to using one study method because there are countless opportunities with active learning.

Understand your learning style

Everyone has a unique way to learn, it's critical to recognise your learning style and adjust your study habits accordingly.

Review your notes regularly

Reviewing your notes frequently is the key to success. As it can help you to remember things more effectively.

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