7 Surprising Qualities Of A Mentally Strong Person!

By Anshika Verma05, Sep 2023 03:01 PMjagranjosh.com

They keep it real

Taking a step back and trying to see things objectively, getting second opinions, and carefully considering the possible effects.

They accept the consequences

To avoid running away from an issue, you must be ready to deal with it once you are aware of the reality and effects of your actions.

They Monitor themselves

The process of understanding the emotions and thoughts will help you to find strategies to improves your mistakes and accept feedbacks.

They Learn from their mistakes

This involves paying attention to your behaviour and actions to determine if there are any areas where you need improvement.

They Find meaning in difficult moments

Everyone faces challenging situations in their lives, but the ability to grow from and make sense of them is a sign of mental toughness.

They Remember that feelings aren't facts

'Affective realism' is the phrase used for learning how to distinguish between emotional responses and what is occurring.

They don’t ignore or bury the past

Mentally strong people acknowledge bad moments, negative emotions, recognise them and then they try to overcome them.

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