World Civil Defence Day 2023 : Know History, Theme and Significance

By Priyanka Pal2023-03-01, 12:00

World Civil Defence Day

March 1st is recognises the contribution of civil defence personnel, who work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well being of their communities.


The theme for this year is Uniting world's leading specialists for the safety and security of future generations.

What is World Civil Defence?

An effort to safeguard a state's citizens from both man-made and natural disasters is known as civil defence or civil protection.


World Civil Defense Day was first celebrated in the year 1990 by the International Civil Defence Organisation.


World Civil Defence Day highlights the importance of civil defence measures undertaken in protecting people and communities from emergencies.

World Civil Defence Day 2023

Hundreds of People take advantage of World Civil Defence Day to learn first aid and C.P.R., two fundamental skills that are crucial in an emergency.


The theme is based on the interest and importance of the role of technical systems and risk related to civil protection, civil defence.

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