Smart tips and tricks for getting back into study mode

Many schools offer long holidays but returning to school after an extended break can leave you filled with dread of homework, textbooks, and making lecture notes instead of fun. In this article we are providing best tips that will help every student to back into school mode after a long holiday.

tricks for getting back into study mode
tricks for getting back into study mode

 “Back to school” may be one of the most dreaded phrases for students of any age………... The end of holidays means back to homework, textbooks, and making lecture notes instead of texting friends about holiday plans. Here I have compiled a list of tips that will help every student to back into school mode after a long holiday.

1. Start setting an alarm in the morning.

This will be extremely helpful for those who are used to sleeping in these days. Every few days change your morning alarm to wake you up earlier and earlier until it is at a rational time that you would wake up for classes. This will help you adjust to waking up early again for your school. The first few days back to school from vacation will be hectic because students are slowly adapting to their class schedule. Creating a task list will take some of the stress off from  your shoulders because it will help keep you organized and prevent you from getting too much stress.

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2. Find a study buddy:
Remember that making friends isn't just important for your social life. It can help your grades, too. “Get a study partner or group that meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to talk through material. You can also ask your professor to set up a group of students who are interested in meeting outside of class for a group discussion of every topic. Explaining a concept or topic to your friends, using your own words is a really effective way to build your understanding capability. Take it in turns to ‘teach’ each other a concept or topic and try to avoid reading from your notes.

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3. Clean up your laptop.

Before going back into school it's important that you have your computer working its best. Clean it up by deleting any cookies or any unwanted files that have been downloaded during your holidays, because it may distract you while you are doing studies.

4. Go digital:
Many textbooks come with study CD-roms or links to the book's website. Both of these can provide helpful study tools, like chapter outlines and practice quizzes that will make you more comfortable with your study plans. So instead of throwing that CDs in the back of your drawer, stick it in your laptop or pc and check it out! After all you paid for it.

5.  Go through your old stuff :

While you’re trying to get back into study mode and before things get anxious with assignments, take the time to read through over class notes and assignments to refresh your memory. This is particularly helpful for your studies. If you strike a blank, talk to a friend or the teacher and make sure you understand the old work before you start on the new work.

Conclusion :  So just relax!! Go ahead, take a deep breath………….Get organized and have an amazing school time. fundamentally having well developed study skills will help you become a more confident, effective, productive and intelligent student  in your academic life.

All the best!!

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