Always avoid these 3 mistakes during exam

Here we are providing three most important tools to score well in UP Board, CBSE and other Board exam. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made in exams and get good marks in your examination.

 Tips to avoid mistakes in your exam
Tips to avoid mistakes in your exam

The exam time is very close now. UP Board, CBSE and other Board students are now preparing themselves for the Board examination. In fact, all students are well aware about the examination pattern and how to do paper in examination. But even after knowing this, students do not get results according to their satisfactory level. So let's know what things we should keep in mind while writing a answer sheet in examination.

Three important points that you have to focus during the examination is:

1. Handwriting

2. Order

3. Unnecessary answer

Let's know these points in detail:

1. Handwriting:

If your handwriting is not good, then it also affects your marks. Suppose before the teacher checked your answer sheet, he/she got a student's answer sheet whose handwriting is very good and he has responded well enough to answer all the questions, at that time teacher will not give you good marks that he would have given it to that student. For this you should try to improve your writing while solving your test papers before exam. Because, despite the good handwriting of the students, Sometimes students have good handwriting but to complete the answer within the time frame, their handwriting gets worse.. So the most effective way to do this is to always set a fixed time interval at the time of your practice and try to solve the same problem within that time frame. In the beginning, you can keep the deadline more so that you can pay attention to your writing and gradually you can reduce the time interval as per your convenience.

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2. Order:

Whenever you write your answer, always keep in mind that your answers are in one order. However, all students knows well that whenever you start writing the answer in the examination hall, always solve the question first which you know very well and solve it in the same sequence but it is very important to follow the sequence of the questions. Suppose there are three questions, question number 6, 8 and 12 which you want to answer first, So first start with the question number 6 then 8 and then 12. This will not trouble the teacher to check your answer sheet.

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3. Unnecessary answer:

Many times when students do not understand to answer any question, then in such a time students are making stories of unnecessary or they write same points repeatedly, which is wrong and by doing so they cannot get good marks. Always write your answer to the point and highlight all the important points of the answer that you have written, so that teachers can easily understand important points and it is easier to assess them. Always note that the answer that you have written once does not repeat it back after a few questions because many students feel that if they repeat the same question twice or at the intervals of some questions, double marks will be found while this does not happen. Because at the beginning of the answer booklet all the questions are numbered and they have to mention the marks of the students in that order.

Conclusion: In this article, we have given you very easy tips that will help you to get good marks in your academics. Just keep these tips in your mind, do your preparation well and you will see that the success is very close to you.

All the best!!

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