Top 5 Tips to score more than 95% marks in Board

Every student needs to know shortcuts to study effectively and score well in the exams. The tips and tricks mentioned here need not require students to go beyond their scope of hard work as these are the basic strategies followed by successful students.

Tips to get good marks
Tips to get good marks

Every average student wonder about the strategies a successful student follows to get good marks. The common strategies followed by any successful student include goal planning, organising, effective learning, hard work etc. The method to success seems really difficult for a student to follow for good results. But, students need to understand these strategies of successful students to get good marks so that they too can perform well in academics.

Here we discuss 8 important strategies a student must follow to get good marks in exams –

1. Active Listening in Classroom – when students listen to their teachers in class actively, they increase chances of learning concepts in easily.

  • Effective listening is the key to scoring in tests.
  • Also, when you pay attention in your class, you can take note of difficult points which you can later take help from a teacher to understand.
  • When students listen actively in class, they are able to do their homework without difficulty   

2. Ask your teachers for help – Every student must ask their doubts from their teachers as and when they face any difficulty in any subject.

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  • If you don’t ask questions regarding topics then, you would not be able to understand properly and your chances of getting good marks in tests are risked.
  • Also, raising doubts to your teachers earns you brownie points with your interaction and communication
  • If you feel shy in asking your problems then, you along with your classmates who are facing the same difficulty can make a list of doubts and then approach your teacher.

3. Don’t be dependent on others – Students should always do their homework themselves. In case, they find any difficulty in any subject then they can seek help from others. But they should never ask their parents, siblings or their friends to do their assignments or work. Also, they must never copy their homework or assignments from their classmates.

  • The first disadvantage from this is that it is your loss because homework is assigned so that students get to learn beyond their classroom but by copying or getting assignments done by others, your learning is not complete
  • The second disadvantage is that your teacher will get to know whether the students have done the homework themselves or if copied from others. In both ways, your image is harmed in front of your teachers and others too.  

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4. Do your homework on time – Not doing homework is a common issue with students. They do not take their homework seriously but rather as an obligation/burden on themselves.

  • Most students complete their homework/assignment in fear of punishment or losing marks.
  • Students need to know that whatever their teacher assign them for homework, they must complete it and within time.
  • Homework not only helps you in learning better but you also get marks for them as well as perform well in tests.  

5. Effective Reading and Learning – Generally students while reading lessons do not pay attention to the information and facts properly and just hastily complete it. This way they do not get any strong learning.

  • Reading without getting facts and knowledge is a waste of time as it takes repeated attempts for students to learn the subject.
  • You should take a notebook when you sit down to read and note down the information in small points to get a better understanding and learning.

Some additional & important points to remember

Don’t mug up for tests – Most students have a habit of mugging up to prepare for the exam. This way, students think they are learning better and will score better in exams but what students do not realise is that by mugging up information they are not learning anything.

  • Mugging up only helps to remember things for a short period of time and when you appear for the test, you forgot mostly and become blank when questions are modified in tests.  
  • If you understand and learn, then you can even write answers even if the questions are modified in exams as you have an understanding of the concept.

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Make Schedule and don’t delay You should always do your tasks on time and never postpone your work for afterwards. Prepare a timetable for every subject and follow this schedule and also include recreational activities in your daily routine to keep your mind refreshed for better learning.

Keep your study desk organised – Students should make a separate room for studies or a peaceful space in their home so that they can study without distractions. Also, keep your study area decluttered by removing unnecessary things. Arrange your books and stationery in order as per your requirement so that you don’t have to leave your desk or room to get them while you are studying.  

Conclusion – Students need not strain themselves to study hard for good marks but few adjustments like doing homework, plan and time management, organising skills, effective learning and raising doubts to their teachers can help them study better and hence, score well in exams.

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