Why Interpersonal Skills are important for students?

Developing interpersonal skills is really important for students for a better learning, expressing themselves to others, personality development and improving academics too. It is considered that students who have good interpersonal skills have a successful career and personal life too. Here we discuss what student interpersonal skills are and how it benefits them.

Image Source:The Balance
Image Source:The Balance

What is Interpersonal skill and why it is important? Interpersonal skill is the ability to interact with people through effective listening and communication. It is important for students to have interpersonal skills because it helps them connect with people and benefits their personality development too. Generally, students learn interpersonal skills at school itself with their teachers and classmates. However, still there are some students who lack interpersonal skills due to various reasons mostly their introvert nature is one of them.

Here, we learn the overall benefits of interpersonal skills and how students can develop their interpersonal skills.

Before we learn importance of interpersonal skills, let us understand what really interpersonal skills are for a student–

Types of Interpersonal Skills for students–

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  • Listening – Students need to pay proper attention to the teacher in the class by active listening. Generally, teachers give notes and important points orally and only if students are listening attentively that they will be able to raise their doubts and ask their teachers.
  • Verbal Communication – students need to learn to speak/talk with their teachers in order to express themselves.
  • Nov Verbal Communication – this is also a part of communication and it refers to gestures, sign language, facial expressions and body language.  
  • Teamwork – it includes students participating in group activities and coordination among them to reach their objective/goal.
  • Creative Thinking throughout their schooling, students are required to work on assignments, projects and also, they participate in events/competitions outside school too, so students need to excel their creative thinking to be successful at every level.'

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  • Helping Others/Empathy/Sympathy – students need to be understanding of others feelings bet it their teachers, parents, classmates and friends as it helps them build good relations with them and they too get support from them whenever they face any difficulty or need help.
  • Humour/Social/ Persuasive– students need to be socially available to their friends and family as it helps them improve their personality as well as trust in their relationships.
  • Leadership – Whenever students are required to perform group activities, they need to confidently participate in every task for their team and also be able to lead/direct their team members in the achievement of their goals.
  • Patience – Generally, lack of patience makes students give up on their task/studies/work easily. So, it is very important for every student to learn patience to track of their goals.
  • Public Speaking – students need to learn public speaking and they can improve this by participating in various activities like debates, group discussions, recitation, and spelling competitions etc. It improves their confidence and helps them in connecting with people.

Importance of Interpersonal Skills for Students

  1. It helps them ask their doubts from teachers and learn better
  2. Helps in building good relationships with their peer group, teachers, family members and society
  3. Boost their confidence and personality development
  4. Helps them express their thoughts/ideas and feelings to their parents, teachers or classmates to get help/support
  5. Improves their social status as they interact and entertain their friends and acquaintances
  6. It helps them value the diversity, individual respect and different customs in the society
  7. With better soft skills, a person is considered more ethical and gets respect in society

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Conclusion – Students Interpersonal skills not only help them in their education/school life but throughout their career too. As students develop their interpersonal skills during school, it becomes a part of their behaviour and helps them interact with people from different sectors. Employers too consider student interpersonal skills an important factor in selecting a candidate. Hence, interpersonal skills increase chances of employability and a successful career and life.

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