5 tips to do your homework easily

Homework can be fun if you do it on time and with a plan. Here we provide you tips to do your homework with ease which will help you save your extra time and efforts too. Utilise these tips to do your homework on time and faster.

Anjum Khan
Apr 6, 2018, 11:48 IST
Making Homework Easy
Making Homework Easy

Doing homework on time is the first trait of every successful student. Any student who does their homework also excels in academics at school because they practice and learn everything on time. Moreover, they do not need extra help and take less pressure for studies during examinations.

Read here how to make your homework easy and save your time and extra efforts. Plus brownie points from your parents and teachers.

Tips to do homework easily and on time

1. Prioritise your homework – first thing to make your homework simple is by prioritisation, which can be done by sorting your homework. You need to divide your homework into reading, learning and writing/artwork.

  1. Reading – chapter reading, stories or poems
  2. Writing – Math problems, Questions/Answers and assignments, drawing, science projects,
  3. Learning – question/answers, test subjects, English word meaning, Hindi word meaning and learning theorems, laws, SI Units etc.

This system will help you prioritise your homework easily.

2. Organise and Schedule your studies you can only be able to do your homework/studies easily and faster when you have concentration and peace of mind for studies. To make sure about this, you need to block distractions during studies. These distractions include sleep/laziness, bad postures, noise, hunger etc. so to avoid such distractions you need to do following things –

  1. Make a study schedule with 10 minutes of break per hour of study
  2. Make sure your brain is relaxed well before starting studying only then you will be able to focus on studies
  3. Also, your study room/area should be noiseless, lit up properly and room temperature should be comfortable so that you can concentrate on your studies

3. Ask for Help Whenever you face any problem/difficulty in doing your homework, you must ask your parents or elders for help. In case, you don’t find someone for help, you can always save that problem for asking your teacher at school only. But don’t let this problem obstruct your homework and you should complete rest of your homework.

4. Differentiate between Homework and Revision homework is the task for you to do at home so that you can remember and practice what you have learnt at home but revision is a part of your self-studies/evaluation and completely different from homework. Homework is to be done compulsory but revision is for your better understanding of subjects/homework. When your teacher asks you to revise any chapter or subject, it means you should utilise your extra time apart from homework to know better about the subject.  

5. Recreational breaks you must take at least 10-15 minutes of break during your study time for every one hour. It helps you in better focus on your studies as such recreational breaks refresh your brain and you are again charged up to study. Many research found that our brain can focus better when we take 15 minutes break and 45 minutes learning. Recreational breaks can include snacks, games, and time with friends and family etc.

Some other useful Tips –

  1. Keep your devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets away from you while studying as it causes distractions
  2. Do your homework within two hours after returning from school as you’ll remember your school work better. Also, you’ll get enough time to play or to do extracurricular in the evening.
  3. Never negotiate with your study time by doing any other thing like attending events or for entertainment because this will misbalance you study schedule. So, first studies then rest of the things.

Conclusion: You can make your life easier and your homework fun by organising few things like prioritisation of work, study schedule and break from studies. Follow this tips to balance your studies and this will help you excel in academics and reduce your stress of studies too.

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