10 Oldest Trees in the World

There are colonies of trees which have lived for millions of years. These trees are the eyewitness of emergence and decline of civilisations. Here we are covering the top 10 oldest trees of the whole world. Lets have a look...
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There are colonies of trees which have lived for millions of years. These trees are the eyewitness of emergence and decline of civilisations. Here we are covering the top 10 oldest trees of the whole world. Lets have a look...

1. Old Tjikko (Sweden)

Name : Old Tjikko
Location : Sweden
Age : 9,550 years
Facts : This is best known as world’s oldest living tree which is originated around during the last Ice Age. The geologist Leif Kullman, who discovered the tree, named it after his dead dog.


Image source:www.boredpanda.com

2. Methuselah

Name : Methuselah
Location : California (USA)
Age : 5,000 years old
Facts : It is known as the oldest Non-Clonal tree in the world. It’s Located in the White Mountains of California, in Inyo National Forest. Methuselah's exact location is kept a close secret in order to protect it from the public.


Image source:www.familyholiday.net

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3. Llangernyw Yew

Name : Llangernyw Yew
Location : North Wales (England)
Age : 4,000-year-old
Facts : The Llangernyw Yew was planted around prehistoric Bronze Age. It is still in the growing stage. In 2002, in celebration of the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the tree was designated as one of 50 Great British trees by the Tree Council.


Image source:www.pinterest.com

4. Zoroastrian Sarv

Name : Zoroastrian Sarv
Location : Iran
Age : 4,000-year-old
Facts : It is considered an Iranian national monument. Many have noted that Sarv-e Abarqu is most likely the oldest living thing in Asia. It witnessed the advent of modern human civilization.


Image source:citizenoftheearthblog.wordpress.com

5. Fitzroya Cupressoides

Name : Fitzroya Cupressoides
Location : Chile (South America)
Age : 3,600 years old.
Facts : Fitzroya Cupressoides, a type of tall, skinny evergreen in the Andes Mountains, Known commonly as the Alerce. Many of these soaring evergreens have been logged in the last two hundred years.


Image source:www.conifers.org

6. The Senator

Name : The Senator
Location : Florida (USA)
Age : 3,500 years old
Facts : The tree got its name from from Sen. M.O. Overstreet, who donated the tree and surrounding land in 1927. The Senator's size was particularly impressive because it endured many hurricanes, including one in 1925 which reduced its height by 40 feet.


Image source:http://www.mnn.com

7. Patriarca da Floresta

Name : Patriarca da Floresta
Location : Brazil (South America)
Age : 3,000 years old
Facts : This tree, an example of the species Cariniana Legalis named the oldest non-conifer in Brazil. The tree is believed to be sacred, but its species is widely threatened due to forest clearing in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.


Image source:http://www.mnn.com

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8. The Tree of One Hundred Horses

Name : The Tree of One Hundred Horses
Location : Sicily (the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea) near Italy
Age : Between 2,000 and 4,000 years
Facts : This tree, located on Mount Etna in Sicily, is the largest and oldest known chestnut tree in the world. The age of this tree is very impressive because Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. This tree is located only 5 miles from Etna's crater.
The tree's name originated from a legend in which a company of 100 knights were caught in a severe thunderstorm. According to the legend, all of them were able to take shelter under the massive tree. This truly massive tree holds the world record for girth, clocking in at 190 feet in circumference.(A Guinness World Record).


Image source:www.trekearth.com

9. Olive Tree of Vouves

Name : Olive Tree of Vouves
Location : Crete (An Island of Greek)
Age : 2,000 to 3,000 years old
Facts : It is one of seven olive trees in the Mediterranean. It still produces olives, and they are highly prized. Olive trees are hardy and drought-, disease- and fire-resistant — part of the reason for their longevity and their widespread use in the region.


Image source:www.olivemuseumvouves.com

10. General Sherman

Name : General Sherman
Location : California (USA)
Age : 2,500 years old
Facts : General Sherman is the mightiest giant sequoia which is still standing. The volume of its trunk alone makes it the largest non-clonal tree by volume in the world, even though its largest branch broke off in 2006. Sherman can be found in Sequoia National Park in California, where five of the 10 largest trees in the world exist.


Image source:http://www.mnn.com

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