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Solved MAT 2012 Question Paper: Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency


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Find the questions on Data Interpretation, Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency from Management Aptitude Test, MAT 2012 Question Paper with complete answers here at jagranjosh.com. Practice and excel in Data Interpretation Section of MBA Entrance Examinations.

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 25) Study the graph to answer these questions.

1. In the given duration, what percentage of total cost price has gone into raw Material?

(1) 3.4%
(2) 4.0%
(3) 2.3%
(4) 4.4%

2. The total amount spent on raw material would be how many times the total amount spent on marketing of product, if every year 6% of the cost price is spent on marketing of product for the given duration?

(1) 0.34
(2) 0.44
(3) 0.74
(4) 0.54

3. For the given period, ratio of percentage of cost price spent on raw material to that spent on raw material to that spent on labour wages is

(1) 2:3:0.7
(2) 1.1:0.8
(3) 1.8:0.7
(4) 3.2:0.7

4. In the given period, what is the average amount that has been spent on labour wages in Year?

(1) 16625
(2) 18625
(3) 19625
(4) 17625

5. Due to some circumstances if in Y-V, Rs 40000 is to be spent on labour wages, provided labour wages spending as a percentage of the cost price does not exceed 10%, then what is the least cost price in Y-V?

(1) 600000
(2) 300000
(3) 700000
(4) 400000


Solved MAT 2012 Question Paper: Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency

By:sadhana wagh | On:28-JUN-2014 13:03:31

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By:janani | On:29-NOV-2013 15:22:55

can u plz send me some mat question papers for practice with answer

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