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CBSE Class 12 Physics Set- II Solved Question Paper 2012


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CBSE Physics Set- II Solved Question Paper 2012, given here.

Q.1 When electrons drift in a metal from lower to higher potential, does it mean all the free electrons of the metal are moving in the same direction?

Ans.1 No. Their direction may change due to collision, although net drift will be in accordance with electric field.

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Q.2 The horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field at a place is B and angle of dip is 60. What is the value of vertical component of earth’s magnetic field at equator?

Ans.2 We know at equator Angle of dip, I = 0 Therefore, Vertical component ZE = Bsin0 = 0 Q

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By:Agrim Uppal | On:02-JAN-2014 21:31:36

can u please send physics 2013 question paper?

By:jithinraj p | On:10-NOV-2013 12:47:42


By:ruby yadav | On:06-JUL-2013 18:16:01

no comment

By:Bikash Kumar | On:08-JUN-2013 09:35:38

it is very tough

By:Ajinkya A Kulkarni | On:07-MAY-2013 17:24:57

please give the latest update...

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