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CBSE Class 12 Physics Set- III Solved Question Paper 2012


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CBSE Physics Set- III Solved Question Paper 2012, given here.

Q.1Why is the potential inside a hollow spherical charged conductor constant and has the same value as on its surface?

Ans.1 There is no electric field inside a shell. Potential is the amount of work done in moving a test charge, and since the field is absent inside the shell, the potential is constant inside it.

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Q.2A magnetic needle free to rotate in a vertical plane orients itself vertically at a certain place on the Earth. What are the values of (i) horizontal component of Earth’s magnetic field and (ii) angle of dip at this place?

Ans.2 A magnetic needle orients itself vertically on poles. Hereboth (i) horizontal component of Earth’s magnetic field is zero. (ii) angle of dip is zero.

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By:vikas | On:09-FEB-2014 13:58:40

very good site

By:dhilruba | On:31-JAN-2014 10:58:45

this site is very useful for students preparing for board exam.

By:yusuf shaikh | On:02-DEC-2013 23:26:59

Very helpful to understand marking pattern of CBSE.

By:mariha murmu | On:19-FEB-2013 16:13:39

cbse solved paper

By:subhash chand sharma | On:09-JAN-2013 12:25:31

please send the test paper

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