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CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Solved Question Paper 2013 Set-1


One solved questions from CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Solved Question Paper (Set-1) are given here

Q. The management committee of a residential colony decided to award some of its members (say x) for honesty, some (say y) for helping others and some others (say z) for supervising the workers to keep the colony neat and clean. The sum of all the awardees is 12. Three times the sum of awardees for cooperation and supervision added to two times the number of awardees for honesty is 33. If the sum of the number of awardees for honesty and supervision is twice the number of awardees for helping others, using matrix method, find the number of awardees of each category. Apart from these values, namely, honesty, cooperation and supervision, suggest one more value which the management of the colony must include for awards.


Let the awardees for honesty = x
Let the awardees for helping others = y
Let the awardees for keeping the colony neat & clean = z

As per the question,equations become as

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By:ruth sasidharan | On:27-AUG-2014 07:24:05

how to score good marks in maths and how should we understand that this type of the sum is

By:tabish alam | On:08-JUN-2014 09:17:52


By:aysha iqbal | On:26-MAY-2014 15:53:09

required solved papers and how to score good marks in compartment exam....

By:akshay kumar singh | On:06-JAN-2014 14:09:52

required solved question paper

By:Jeetu yadav | On:02-JAN-2014 21:37:42

Well pattern

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