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General Knowledge (GK) Quiz: Questions and Answers on Indian States


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GK Quiz Indian States
GK Quiz Indian States

General Knowledge(GK) Quiz:  Indian States

Questions and Answers given below.  Take the quiz and see how well you know the Indian States.

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1. How many Union Territories does India have?
a.    6
b.    7
c.    8
d.    9

2. What is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?
•    Itanagar
•    Dispur
•    Imphal
•    Shillong

3. What are the major languages spoken in Andra Pradesh?
a.    English and Telugu
b.    Telugu and Urdu
c.    Telugu and Kannada
d.    All of the above languages

4. What is the state flower of Haryana?
a.    Lotus
b.    Rhododendron
c.    Golden Shower
d.    Not declared

5. Who is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?
a.    V.S. Achutanandan
b.    Rameshwar Thakur
c.    Shivraj Singh Chouhan
d.    Ashok Chavan

6. Who is the Governor of Tamil Nadu?
a.    Surjit Singh Barnala
b.    Shivraj Patil
c.    R.S. Gavai
d.    Hans Raj Bhardwaj

7. Which state has its State Tree as the Almond?
a.    Himachal Pradesh
b.    Goa
c.    Jammu and Kashmir
d.    Arunachal Pradesh

8. Which state has the largest area?

a.    Maharastra
b.    Madhya Pradesh
c.    Uttar Pradesh
d.    Rajasthan

9. Which state has the largest population?
a.    Uttar Pradesh
b.    Maharastra
c.    Bihar
d.    Andra Pradesh

10. In what state are the Elephant Falls located?
a.    Mizoram
b.    Orissa
c.    Manipur
d.    Meghalaya

11. Which of the following states is not located in the North?
a.    Jharkhand
b.    Jammu and Kashmir
c.    Himachal Pradesh
d.    Haryana

12. In which state is the main language Khasi?

a.    Mizoram
b.    Nagaland
c.    Meghalaya
d.    Tripura


1. B
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. A
10. D
11. A
12. C

By:sonali | On:08-AUG-2013 18:53:30

question paper are very good for practise

By:aishwarya | On:03-JAN-2013 23:29:17

no quiz ...only answers..!

By:murali | On:07-JUL-2012 16:19:29

it is very nice to about this type sites&these can enlarge our skills.from now onwards iam ready to ride on this site

By:rajesh vv | On:28-MAY-2012 19:33:42

i am

By:devanshi sharma | On:13-JUN-2011 18:44:42

the first n the final step 2 enhance n enrich ur g.k. ability....

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