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SBI Clerk Written Exam 2012: Reasoning Solved Question with Explanation


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SBI had conducted written exam for the recruitment of clerks on 3 June 2012. Jagranjosh provides here the solved question paper of the Reasoning segment collected from the SBI Clerk Exam paper. All aspirants preparing for different bank jobs can refer to this solved paper on Reasoning segment.

It is often seen that aspirants look for explanation of questions as mere provisions of answers do not satiate their desire for learning. Also it is necessary to explain to students how answers can be arrived upon instead of simply providing the answers. It helps in self tutoring. Aspirants can learn techniques of solving a problem by following the step by step solution prepared by jagranjosh at their convenience and by sitting at home.

Candidates interested in bank jobs and are preparing for the upcoming bank recruitment exams can Click here to access the solution to problems of Reasoning segment as asked in the SBI Clerk Written Exam 2012.


Q. 121-125. Following questions are based on five words given below:


(The new words formed after performing the mentioned operations may or may not necessarily be meaningful English words)

Q.121. If in each of the words, all the alphabets are arranged in English alphabetical order within the word, how many words will NOT begin with a vowel?

(1.) None
(2.) One
(3.) Two
(4.) Three
(5.) More than three

Q.122. How many letters are there in the English alphabetical series between second letter of the word which is second from the right and the third letter of the word which is third from the left of the given words?

(1.) One
(2.) Two
(3.) Three
(4.) Four
(5.) Five

Q. 123. If in each of the given words, each of the consonants is changed to previous letter and each vowel is changed to next letter in the English alphabetical series, in how many words thus formed will no vowel appear?

(1.) None
(2.) One
(3.) Two
(4.) Three
(5.) More than three


SBI Clerk Exam Reasoning Question Paper- 2012

SBI Clerk Written Exam 2012: Solved Question Paper on Reasoning

SBI Clerk Written Exam 2012: Reasoning Solved Question with Explanation



By:prabha | On:02-MAR-2015 11:34:25

pls send me solved question papers for bank exam.

By:Sahil Rafique | On:23-JAN-2015 13:26:06

Nice! Email me more solved question papers.

By:Surakshitha | On:21-JAN-2015 20:34:22

Hello sir/madam, pls help me out in solving reasoning test questions.

By:jaipal | On:24-NOV-2014 14:45:50

quetion papers plz send me

By:namita | On:22-AUG-2014 11:34:04


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