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General Knowledge Quiz: Questions and Answers India Emblems, Flags etc.


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GK  Quiz: India Emblems, Flags etc.
GK Quiz: India Emblems, Flags etc.

General Knowledge Quiz:  India, Its emblems, flag etc.

Questions and answers below to increase general awareness.

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1. The state emblem of India, how many lions are visible?
a.    2
b.    3
c.    4
d.    5

2. What do the terms Satyameva Jayate on the state emblem mean?
a.    Truth will live on
b.    Only Truth Prevails
c.    Truth will Triumph
d.    Truth Lives On

3. The Chakra on the Indian Flag is in what colour?
a.    Black
b.    Navy Blue
c.    Dark Brown
d.    Gray

4. How many spokes are on the Chakra in the Indian Flag?

a.    24
b.    26
c.    28d.    30

5. On what year was the Jana-gana-mana adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the national athem?
a.    1947
b.    1948
c.    1950
d.    1951

6. When was Jana-gana-mana first sung?
a.    1911
b.    1947
c.    1950
d.    1951

7. What is the longest river flowing in India?
a.    Alaknanda
b.    Yumana
c.    Ganga
d.    Gumti

8. What is the National Tree of India?
a.    The Mango Tree
b.    The Fig  or Banyan Tree
c.    The Coconut Tree
d.    Not Declared

9. How many hours is IST ahead of Greenwich Mean Time?
a.    4.5 Hours
b.    5 Hours
c.    5.5 Hours
d.    6 Hours

10. The National Sport of India is
a.    Cricket
b.    Hockey
c.    Badminton
d.    None of the above

1. B
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. C

By:anushka yadav | On:13-JUL-2013 16:08:46

my all question are right

By:Ashish Aman | On:27-FEB-2013 15:03:33

I want to participet in your quiz. What will i have to do for that

By:pratheksha | On:29-DEC-2012 17:34:59

nice questions dude try it on

By:bijal patel | On:12-DEC-2012 09:48:27

i want to participate in this quiz to test my IQ...

By:jojo | On:07-DEC-2012 22:27:50

i need more than this but this was very simple quiz i need some more hard questions with answers. thanks for this but more..........................................................................

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