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SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier- I Exam 2010 Set-2: Solved Question Paper


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SSC will Conduct the Combined Graduate Level Tier- I Exam 2012 on 1 and 8 July 2012. The Solved Question Paper given here will better your preparation process. The Candidates will get an idea about the question paper pattern and the type of questions asked.

1. Babu is Rahim's neighbour and his house is 200 metres away in the north west direction. Joseph is Rahim's neighbur and his house is located 200 meters away in the south west direction. Gopal is Joseph's neighbour and he stays 200 metres away in the south east direction. Roy is Gopal's neighbour and his house is located 200 metres away in the 'north east direction. then where is the position if Roy's house in relation to Babu's?

(1) South east

(2) South west

(3) North    

(4) North east

2. A group of fimeds are sitting in an arrangement one each at the corner of an octagon. All are facing the centre. Mahima is sitting diagonally opposite Rama, who is on Sushrna's right. Ravi is next to Sushma and opposite Girdhar who is on Chandra's left. Savitri is not on Mahirna's right but opposite Shalini. Who is on Shalini's right?

(1) Ravi

(2) Mahima

(3) Girdhar

(4) Rama

3. A cube has the following figures drawn on its five faces. The top surface is blank. The ellipse is between the cross and the triangle The square is on the right of th etringle The ellipse and the square are opposite to each other. Which face is the cricle on?

(1) On the top

(2) Oppostie to ellipse

(3) Opposite to triangel

(4) At the bottom

Directions (4-11): In each of the following questions, select the related word/letters/number/figure from the given alternatives.

4. Fox : Cunning : : Rabbit :?

(1) Courageous

(2) Dangerous

(3) Timid    

(4) Ferocious

5. Flexible : Rigid : : confidence :?

(1) Diffidence

(2) Indifference

(3) Cowardice

(4) Scare


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SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier- I Exam 2010 Set-2: Solved Question Paper

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Sir please send solved papers of graduate level to bhatta.jharna92@gmail.com

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