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Top 10 Countries By Milk Production

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Following is the list of Top 10 Countries By Milk Production as per US Department of Agriculture, 2011:


 S.No. Country
Production (1000 MT)
 1  EU-27  140,620.00
 2  India  121,500.00
 3  United States
 4  China  31,780.00
 5  Russian Federation
 6  Brazil  30,846.00
 7  New Zealand
 8  Mexico  11,228.00
 9  Argentina  11,070.00
 10  Ukraine  10,812.00



By: Singhum | On:25-JUN-2015 11:21:34

Pakistan is not the forth milk producing country nut it is the poor milk producing country .

By:Syed Shakil | On:04-FEB-2015 18:16:42

Pakistan is 4th Largest milk Producer ( if you exclude EU then 3rd) with 49 Billion Liters. Please correct your list. Can also be verified via FAO and other statistical sites.

By:nabe | On:10-NOV-2014 20:38:55

Thanks for ur information...

By:dr d k jha | On:24-OCT-2014 13:10:49

figure should be split ted among individual European countries instead of EU

By:ChethanKumar | On:04-JUL-2014 00:51:13

Thanks for the informations.

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