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Top 10 Countries By Milk Production

Created on : 2011-10-13
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Following is the list of Top 10 Countries By Milk Production as per US Department of Agriculture, 2011:


 S.No. Country
Production (1000 MT)
 1  EU-27  140,620.00
 2  India  121,500.00
 3  United States
 4  China  31,780.00
 5  Russian Federation
 6  Brazil  30,846.00
 7  New Zealand
 8  Mexico  11,228.00
 9  Argentina  11,070.00
 10  Ukraine  10,812.00



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pooja madam....still the india is in top... EU -27 is not a single country...


In your e-book of Indian economy its mentioned as India ranks first in milk production?

Singhum ,

Pakistan is not the forth milk producing country nut it is the poor milk producing country .

Syed Shakil,

Pakistan is 4th Largest milk Producer ( if you exclude EU then 3rd) with 49 Billion Liters. Please correct your list. Can also be verified via FAO and other statistical sites.


Thanks for ur information...

dr d k jha,

figure should be split ted among individual European countries instead of EU


Thanks for the informations.

Naeem kayani,

every body knows that Pakistan is at fourth no in milk production.but you people are too much small hearted.shame on you.


Mera bharat mahaan


thanks for info


thax fo this info.


Try to save this environment and to obtain the resourses

Nitesh kumar,

Very unique site

swapan kumar dasgupta,

European Union as a whole should not be considered as a country. It is an amalgamation of Mainland European countries.


Sorry to say. This is wrong information. Pakistan produce more milk then Brazil. Please correct this.

Madhu bala,

proud to see we r in second place:-)


Salute to Indian Farmers....

Satendra singh,

all world information

Satendra singh,

currant affairs and gk


Jai ho! Proud to be an indian


Its very good only we are in second place..


Excellent information

shankar lal yadav,



india is the second largest milk producing country and people of india are paying high price for milk and lot of people can not afford to drink a milk once in a day

neeraj tripathi,

is regestration in here for latest update is free?

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