Career Opportunities After Pursuing a Degree Course In Political Science

Political science is dedicated to developing understandings of institutions, practices and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship and here is the list of courses and career options you can opt for after graduating with political science as your degree.

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Career Opportunities after graduating in political science
Career Opportunities after graduating in political science

What is Political Science?

Political science focuses on both the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels. The subject is dedicated to developing understandings of institutions, practices and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship. And if a career in this field interest you then mentioned below is the list of some career options that you can take up after graduating with a degree in political science.

Skills One Develops After Pursuing A Political Science Course

  • Political Science students develop strong research and writing skills as they are often required to write papers on the subjects of political spheres.
  • They are pretty good at making convincing arguments and backing up their statements with hard facts
  • They are also quite good at giving a presentation and communicating with masses at large.
  • They have strong analytical skills that they develop while exploring various policy initiatives and considering the ramifications of government's actions
  • They are also well versed in the art of critical thinking as that is a vital requirement for them to be able to evaluate various political parties and impacts of leadership changes.
  •  They course teaches them how power is gained, how campaigns are waged, and how public opinions can be influenced.

Career Opportunities that you can take up after studying Political Science

Policy Analyst

Upon successful completion of your political science degree, you can easily take up a job as a policy analyst. The role of a Policy Analyst is quite a natural application of the skills they gained while pursuing the course. For the work that they'd be doing includes studying the process for generating public policy and the implications for implementing various policies. You'd be responsible for formulating statements about the nature and impact of various proposals regarding public policy and they would all make use of strong critical thinking, writing and research skills that you had learned in the duration of your course. As a policy analyst, you'd also be responsible for devising a good thesis and build persuasive arguments for or against a particular policy initiative.

Political Consultant

As a political consultant, you'd be using the knowledge and the skills gained from the course to devise strategies for the candidate you are working for and to influence voters and gain support in your campaigns for office.  You'd be responsible for making the candidate into a brand and also to repair any damages that are inflicted by the opposition on his brand image. You'd also be responsible to try and make attempts at influencing the media coverage for your candidate. Like, for example, you'd be offering favorable stories and positive takes on the past performances of your candidate. You might also be surveying a group of voters and try to discern their reaction to different candidates based on their opinions. On the other hand, you also work for a public interest group wherein you'd be helping them formulate strategies to advance their cause.


Diplomacy is the management of relationships between nations. It also refers to the art of negotiating alliances, treaties and agreements with great agility to secure your own nations advantage. The job of a diplomat is one of great responsibility and as such, they are entrusted with great power. If you plan to become a diplomat for your country then you need to be prepared to be called upon a moment's notice to attend an event halfway across the world. You not just be representing your country across the world but also be responsible for negotiating with local government and try to apply various tact's and subtle skills to promote your government amongst them. You be the ambassador of your country and hence will be expected to be a model citizen of the world. Also, you'd need to be fluent in the foreign language spoken in the country of your deployment, it could prove to be an integral element in your success as a diplomat.

Budget Analysts

As a budget analyst, you'd be responsible for ensuring an effective budget planning and its judicious spending. You will be conducting reviews of various budget proposals and analyze the data to determine whether the correct allocation of funding is taking place or not. As a budget analyst, you'll also require strong mathematical mind and the ability to think critically, besides having sound knowledge of social and political factors of any industry and its target audience. You would also be required to be knowledgeable about all the legal regulations pertaining to budgeting and splurging along with an eye for paying strong attention to detail, great writing skills and excellent communication ability. The job of a budget analyst is to organize finances of the company and ensure acceleration of profitability and growth.

Political Scientist

As a political scientist, you'd be concerned with the structure and functioning of the government and society and seek theoretical and practical ways of finding solutions for various political problems. Most political scientists work as professors in universities wherein they carry out their research and public various papers. They are often employed by political parties to help curate and coordinate political campaigns. The ability to be objective is one of greatest assets of political scientists as you'd often be required to put aside your personal prejudices and develop an accurate and unbiased solution to various political problems. You can give judgment as well as conclusions, but they must be based on facts and supported by proof and reasoning. This field of study includes a variety of disciplines besides the formal institutions of government. Formal laws are studied, besides things like public opinion, parties and economics. As a science, the study of politics in an academy strives to be orderly, objective and unbiased.

To conclude,

Hope the above-mentioned career opportunities will help open up some great career opportunities for you after pursuing your career in political science. However, this is not all that you can do as political science graduate there are many other things that you can do, these are just some of the most popular and widely opted for career options. But before you choose any career path it's important that you first figure out your interest areas and then shortlist potential career opportunities based on them.

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