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General Knowledge (GK) Quiz: Questions and Answers World Currency


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GK Quiz:   World Currency
GK Quiz: World Currency

General Knowledge (GK) Quiz:  Currencies of the World

Questions and answers to increase General Awareness.

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1. What is the official currency of Sweden?
a.    Swedish Dollar
b.    Swiss Franc
c.    Swedish Krona
d.    Euro

2. What is the official currency of Argentina?

a.    Argentine Peso
b.    Argentine Real
c.    Argentine Pula
d.    Argentine Dollar

3. Which country uses the currency Dirham?
a.    Libya
b.    UAE
c.    Kuwait
d.    Saudi Arabia

4. Which countries use the American Dollar?

a.    USA
b.    Canada
c.    USA and Canada
d.    Hong Kong

5. The Euro is not used in which of the following countries?

a.    Germany
b.    Italy
c.    France
d.    Norway

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. D



By:ravi | On:04-APR-2013 22:52:12

A trader in India expects international gold prices to appreciate from USD 1500 per ounce to USD 1800 in next six months. To benefit from the view, he buys 30 grams of gold at Rupees 22,000 per gram and also sold 6 month USDINR futures at 46. After six months, gold prices appreciated to USD 1800 per ounce and the trader sold gold at Rupees 24,000 per gram and unwinds currency futures contract at 44. Assuming 1 ounce is equal to 3 grams, how many lots of currency futures would he have used to hedge the currency risk and how much was the real return for the investor? Pls give the solution not just answer.

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