CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Question Paper SA- II 2014

Find CBSE Class 10th Mathematics SA - II Question Paper. These Question Papers will be helpful to get the latest pattern that how questions are being framed.

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The pattern in which the Question Paper is set is quite different from the manner in which the course structure is defined actually. Inspite of the predefined Course Curriculum, there are certainly some loop holes between the question paper formed and the content of the course. Henceforth, students need to identify these gaps and catch up where the textbooks left off, if they want to get acquainted with the examination pattern. And, they can do it easily by checking out the questions individually subject-wise. This not only helps them prepare for exams in a better manner but also helps them in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied.

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Few Sample Questions from CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Question Paper SA - II are as follows:

Q. The first three terms of an AP respectively are 3y – 1, 3y + 5 and 5y + 1. Then y equals:

(A) – 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 2

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Q. The first and the last terms or an AP are 5 and 45 respectively. If the sum of all its terms is 400, find its common difference.

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Q. Prove that the line segment joining the points of contact of two parallel tangents of a circle, passes through its centre.

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Q. If the point A (0, 2) is equidistant from the points B (3, p) and C (p, 5), find p. Also find the length of AB.

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Q. A farmer connects a pipe of internal diameter 20 cm from a canal into a cylindrical tank which is 10 m diameter and 2 m deep. If the water flows through the pipe at the rate of 4 km per hour, in how much time will the tank be filled completely?

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