MBA Post Work Experience: A Better Perspective

One of the biggest confusion we face is about what next in our career and/or professional front. When to give up on studies or take a break and gain some work experience and when not to do so is a crucial point of decision.

MBA Post Work Experience: A Better Perspective
MBA Post Work Experience: A Better Perspective

In context of MBA, it is one of the most favored professional degrees that give the degree holders an important position among the job seekers. The problem comes in deciding the right time of pursuing MBA program.

When to go for an MBA?

A number of people are going for MBA degree but not even half of them are successful like those who get into IIMs. This is because this degree requires a particular set of mind and needs to be pursued at the right time. Most of the aspirants face this dilemma and many of them end up making a wrong choice. This happens because majority of the population is in favor of getting done with the studies at a stretch before they start earning. However, according to the statistics it has been proved that it is the experience holders that are given preference and also most of the IIM students are those who have work experience of about at least 2-3 years. It is advised to enroll in MBA program only after you have gained some experience.

Why work before an MBA?

Going for an MBA right after Graduation may prove to be the wrong choice if you are not clear about your future goals. It’s better to start doing a job after Graduation because the time span between the entry into a B-school and graduation will give you some insight on Management as a career option. MBA has a lot of options for specialization and in case you give yourself some time and an experience boost, it will be easier for you to identify the MBA specialization you want to pursue. It also enables you to identify the skills you need to hone. Experience also puts you above the ones who have no experience.

Before setting your foot down in favor of pursuing higher studies it is important to analyze the market demand and current scenario as well. It is very easy to gauge that the demand everywhere is of experienced individuals. So if you get placed in a good company it is better to make use of that opportunity. It should be considered that you are being paid for learning things and gaining knowledge and not because you work for that particular organization. Once you have gained enough experience and knowledge and have analyzed your skills you can then move towards earning a degree from one of the top B-schools.


What do the employers say?

If we look from the employer’s point of view, they say that it is best to hire a candidate who has good knowledge and even better if he also has some experience. This favors the candidate when it comes to the selection procedure. It is believed that an individual who has gained some work experience before enrolling himself for MBA program is better at making decisions. The ability to lead the team and to keep up with the targets and deadlines comes naturally to those who go to school after having a shot at work. In addition to this, the employers believe that the experience adds to the knowledge and the alternate between theoretical aspects learnt at college. Doing an MBA after gaining some work experience is like a personality development course that helps the candidates or the students to emerge out as a winner with all round development post completion.

Higher degree means higher packages?

if your aim is to reach greater heights and also earn money spent on your education with interest, then the right path you should follow is enrolling for a MBA program only after you gain some practical experience of about minimum 2-3 years.

Pick the right college for your MBA

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