JEE Main April 2019: Effective Revision strategy for last one week

Check the important tips shared by experts to revise complete JEE Main Syllabus 2019 in last one week. Revision is very necessary for students because it helps to retain different formulae and concepts in brain and recall the same while writing the exam.

How to revise the JEE Main syllabus 2019?
How to revise the JEE Main syllabus 2019?

The second phase of JEE Main 2019 is scheduled to be conducted from April 7. Like January exam the paper 2 (For B. Arch/ B. Planning Aspirants) of JEE Main 2019 will be conducted on the first day in two shifts. In last four days, only paper 1 (For B.E/ B.Tech Aspirants) is scheduled to be conducted. Students have already completed the syllabus of all three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Main April 2019. Now, it’s time to revise the complete JEE Main Syllabus. Revision guarantees the process of recalling any formula and concept while writing the exam. Before few days of exam, students should revise what they have learnt in one or two-year preparation. We know that all of us need revision before appearing for the final examination. Let us study about the subject-wise strategies to revise the complete syllabus of JEE Main 2019.

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Mathematics is a very scoring subject in any engineering entrance exam but also need more practice than the other two subjects. Students can devote 3 days out of 6 days for this subject. To revise JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus 2019, students can follow the tips given below:

  1. Don’t try to study any new topic or chapter.
  2. If you get confused while solving any question of Practice paper or previous years’ paper, then study the complete concept. Thereafter, again solve the question.
  3. Focus only on the important topics like properties of definite integral (especially odd-even property), linear and homogenous differential equation, limits, reduction formula, Leibnitz rule, Bayer’s theorem, conditional probability, classical probability, inverse, periodic and composite function etc.
  4. Revise from the chapter notes prepared instead of books.
  5. Attempt maximum number of practice papers to boost up your speed and accuracy.


After completing Mathematics syllabus, students will have three days left for the examination. Out of these three days they can revise Physics syllabus in two days. Physics subject is a combination of theory and numerical part. But questions are being asked from numerical part more than theory part in JEE Main. Therefore, students should try to devote more time for numerical part than the theory.

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Follow the tips given below to revise the JEE Main Physics Syllabus 2019:

  1. Focus on understanding the concepts than the rote learning.
  2. Don’t study any new topic or concept.
  3. Don’t try to study from the notes prepared by someone else.
  4. Don’t miss the important topics like logic gates, torque, angular momentum, conservation of linear and angular momentum, heat transfer, relation between Cp and Cv, Calorimetry, units and measurements, relative velocity, Photo-electric effect, Bohr’s model, Young’s double slit experiment, electromotive force, electromagnetic induction, RL, RC, LC and RCL circuit, Kirchhoff’s Law, electrical instruments, optics etc.


Now, students will have only one day left which is very important as they have to revise the complete syllabus of Chemistry. In Chemistry subject theory part is more important than the numerical part. Follow the given below tips to revise JEE Main Chemistry Syllabus 2019.

JEE Main Last 5 Years' Question Papers

  1. Revise the periodic table first. It should be your finger tips.
  2. Don’t try to study any new topic or chapter.
  3. Leave the topics where you get confused as this will only waste your time.
  4. Revise only from the revision notes.
  5. Study name reactions in Organic Chemistry like Wurtz reaction, Corey-House synthesis, Cannizzaro reaction, Hoffman bromamide synthesis, Reimer-Tiemann reaction, Birch reduction etc.
  6. Students should focus only on the important topics like Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory, Molecular orbital (MO) theory, Crystal Field Theory, hybridisation, bond order, dipole moment, reactivity series, Gibbs energy, entropy, electrophile, nucleophile, reagents, types of reactions, acidity, basicity, isomerism, resonance structure and p-block elements etc.


In the remaining 6 days, students should devote more time for Mathematics subject as this subject needs practice, then they can go for Physics subject. Thereafter, students can revise Chemistry subject. Students should not study any new topic or chapter in any subject. We have given the above tips as per the examination pattern and requirement of the subject.

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