Unique MBA Specializations and Sectoral B-schools which offer them

Want to pursue MBA programme in a niche domain? Worry not, there are specializedsectoral B-schools thatoffer unique MBA specializations as their core academic programme. Read on to find out all the key information about unique MBA specializations and top MBA colleges which that them.

Unique MBA Specializations and Sectoral B-schools which offer them
Unique MBA Specializations and Sectoral B-schools which offer them

Want to pursue MBA programme in a niche domain? Worry not, there are specialized sectoral B-schools thatoffer unique MBA specializations as their core academic programme. Read on to find out all the key information about unique MBA specializations and top MBA colleges thatoffer them. 

Why Sectoral B-schools?

Now, coming to the more important question i.e. why do we need sectoral B-schools. To answer this, we have to understand the nature of management as an education domain. Management as a field is aimed at solving complex issues and problems that arise in any field. Therefore, any domain or industry will have managers and managerial job profiles.

In line with this, it is imperative every domain would have an individual specialization option under MBA programme. However, when it comes to certain niche specialization options like Rural Management and Agricultural Management, such domains require specialized and focused training for managers. Therefore, they need sectoral B-schools, which can help managers learn the management techniques and principles that are tailored to solve the problems of such specific domains / industry.

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So, let’s look at few unique MBA specializations and top sectoral MBA colleges or institutes that offer them.

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1. Digital Marketing @ MICA, Ahmedabad

With the advent of the digital age, digital marketing has emerged as a popular career option among students today. Although, marketing is termed as a conventional MBA specialization option, digital marketing is a field that very few B-schools specialize in. However, whenever you think of Digital Marketing in India, MICA, Ahmedabad tops the list. The institute was initially promoted by one of the leading advertising agencies of India – Mudra. At MICA, Ahmedabad, MBA students specialize in digital marketing, advertising, corporate communications or PR. Being a sectoral B-school, management graduates walking out of MICA are welcomed at top media houses, advertising agencies, PR companies, content writing agencies and corporate communications at MNCs.

2. Travel Management @ IITTM, Gwalior

Travel & Tourism is another sector that has witnessed high demand of trained management professionals in India. With focus of private sector and government impetus through various initiatives, the sector has seen exponential growth in the last decade. If you are one of the few MBA aspirants who wants to build a managerial profile in this domain, IITTM, Gwalior would be the perfect B-school for you.

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Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management is a nodal institute setup under the aegis of Ministry of Tourism & Travel of the Central Govt. The institute has campuses based in Gwalior, Nellore, Bhubaneshwar, Noida and Goa. However, it is the IITM Gwalior which is deemed to be the flagship MBA College for tourism sector. Students at IITM Gwalior can pick from a variety of programmes including travel, leisure, tourism and online international platforms. After walking out of IITM Gwalior, they can look forward to joining tourism board, hotels, booking houses, travel agencies, and e-marketers among others. Alternatively, the option of entrepreneurship is also favoured by several management graduates from IITM.

3. Agriculture Management @ MANAGE, Hyderabad

India primarily being an agrarian economy, it is natural that the need for agricultural managers would be high. However, on the contrary, Agriculture Management has remained a niche domain that is not taken up by many. But, with changing times and modernization of Agrarian economy, MBA aspirants have started looking at Agriculture management as a viable career option.

This is where MANAGE comes into the picture. The National Centre for Management of Agricultural Extension was setup by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare to modernize agriculture management in the country. The institute trains young managers who specialize in solving the problems that plague India’s agriculture sector. The key goal of MANAGE is to improve farmers’ lives, increasing crop yield and to maintain sustainability of agricultural practices. Apart from this, the B-school also acts as a consultancy agency for government or aided projects.

In addition to MANAGE, Hyderabad – MBA aspirants can also join NIAM (National Institute of Agricultural Marketing) located in Jaipur. It also offers similar programmes in agricultural management.

4. Rural Management @ IRMA, Anand

It is said that ‘India lives in its villages’ and until they develop, the development of India as a country is not possible. This has also been the theme of several government projects that are targeted at the development of rural areas of the country. However, just like corporate projects, these projects also require trained and efficient managers who can ensure effective execution of projects and achieve the set targets.

This is where IRMA or the Institute of Rural Management, Anand comes into the picture. IRMA is an institute dedicated to training managers in the field of Rural Management. The institute trains management students in the nuances of rural management including grassroots execution techniques and management of government and private schemes for rural management. Managers who specialize in rural management fields are hired by NGOs, organizations working in the social sector, government agencies and other similar recruiters.

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5. Forest Management @ IIFM, Bhopal

Forest Management is another niche domain that as attracted MBA aspirants in the recent past. With focus shifting towards environment and sustainable development, forest management has also come to fore in the management education space. Championing the cause of Forest Management education in India is IIFM, Bhopal. Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal offers several management programmes with different specializations in this field. The institute offers super-specialization in fields like Environment, Development, Conservation and Livelihood fields. Students graduating from IIFM, Bhopal are hired by organizations working in development sector, government projects and agencies, international environmental organizations, NGOs, paper and timber industry, eco-tourism and microfinance related sectors.

6. Health Management @ IIHMR, Jaipur

With Indians getting more and more health conscious and even government push to offer premier healthcare services to the common man through schemes like Ayushman Bharat, the field of health management has become the next big thing for the Indian economy. To add to that, development of Health tourism has also contributed to this phenomenon.

To cater to the rising need of qualified health managers, Indian Institute of Health Management and Research, Jaipur offers specialized programmes. The institute helps management students gain the necessary skills to manage health professionals and organizations involved in health sector in a planned manner.  The institute follows practice-based pedagogy which further adds to their managerial skills. IIHMR also has branches in Delhi and Bangalore.

So, these are the unique MBA specializations that are popular in India and top B-schools that offer them. Super-speciality skills and training at top sectoral B-schools in niche domains can prove to be the perfect recipe of success for MBA aspirants. Still looking for a B-school that might meet your requirements, click here to get detailed information about top MBA Colleges of India.

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