Why you should prepare for SSC exams over IBPS?

IBPS and SSC both are the most sought jobs among the young graduates and carry high significance. To provide greater clarity to aspirants regarding these points, Jagranjosh, the leading education solution-providing website, has come up with a detailed analysis. Read full story-


IBPS and SSC both are the most sought jobs among the young graduates and carry high significance. These graduates consider IBPS and SSC jobs as their primary opportunities. They put a lot of hard work to perform exceedingly high in both exams as these have aptitude test as common. Yet, it is important and necessarily obvious to understand the simpler points, which make them different. To provide greater clarity to aspirants regarding these points, Jagranjosh, the leading education website, has come up with a detailed analysis, which is as follows-

SSC Jobs over IBPS

Exam Pattern and Sectional Cut off

The alloted time of preliminary exam for both exams is 1 hour . The number of sections is different for both exams. In IBPS, there are five sections, whereas in SSC exams, there are four sections. Besides this, to qualify IBPS exams you have to clear the sectional cut-offs for each of the five sections. Even though, SSC notifies about the sectional cutoffs after the exam. It might be in some cases that it fails to do so.


From 2016 onwards, SSC has completely dispensed the interview process from its all eleven exams. You have to just qualify the tier-1, 2, and 3 exams and grab place in the merit that is prepared based on your score in written exam. However, for IBPS exams, there still exists the process of interview. After clearing all the written exams, you have to mandatorily clear the interview and its marks is finally going to be included in the merit. This makes IBPS exam more difficult and exhaustive than any SSC exams.

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Trigonometry and Geometry

In IBPS exams, they do not ask questions from Trigonometry. Even as far as Geometry is concerned, you can expect a couple of questions especially from the mensuration chapter. In contrast, there are 5-6 questions from Geometry and nearly four questions from Trigonometry in all the SSC exams. These questions are simpler to understand and solve if you know the basics and formulas well. Therefore, you can score high with these subjects with little efforts. When appearing for SSC exams, superior performance on these topics can bring you a higher score in SSC exams.

Computer Knowledge

In IBPS exams, there is a separate section for computer knowledge and generally, 45 questions are asked from this subject in IBPS PO Mains exam. Hence, you have to prepare this section separately and put a lot of efforts for it, as there is a specific and elaborated syllabus for this section in IBPS exams. Whereas in SSC exams, there is hardly one question from computers, which is asked in general awareness section of Tier-1 exam. After SSC Tier-1 exam, you will not find questions from this domain in any further examination process. Therefore, computer section become more critical for IBPS exams as compared to SSC exams.


Reasoning is tougher in IBPS exams than SSC exams. In contrast, Reasoning is a bit simpler and scoring section in SSC exams than IBPS exams. A noted difference in the reasoning section is that questions from Non-verbal reasoning are not asked in IBPS exams as these are framed in SSC exams. These topics include Paper folding, Mirror image, paper cutting, water image, embedded figures and cubes & dices. There are minimum 2-3 questions are asked from non-verbal reasoning in SSC exams. Similarly, there are certain topics, which are inquired in IBPS exams not in SSC exams. These topics include input-output, statement-argument, statement-course of action and statement-assumption. The difficulty level of these topics is quite high in IBPS exams making this exam tougher and time consuming.

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Current Affairs

Current affairs hold an immense importance in IBPS exams. It is one of the most scoring and easier section in IBPS exams. Questions from current affairs section include questions on contemporary events relevant to national and international, are inquired in a sizeable number. However, when we talk about SSC exams, you will find hardly 1-2 questions out of this domain. SSC does not focus on the particular area of general knowledge specifically. There are other topics including History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Indian Culture, Indian politics, Economics and others, are inquired under the general knowledge section.

English section weightage

In SSC exams, there is a weightage of 25% in English section as there are 25 questions are asked in Tier-1 exam out of 100 questions. While in IBPS, the English language section carry a weightage of 30% i.e. 30 questions are asked from English section out of 100 questions. English questions become more typical in IBPS exams as the level of difficulty of comprehension passages is higher and cloze test is asked regularly. While SSC focuses on topics such as one word substitution and idioms & phrases. Overall, you will experience that IBPS exams poses greater stress on assessing reading and usage skills comparatively.

Banking Awareness

Banking awareness is a distinct feature of IBPS exams. You will find questions related to banking industry and finance including questions from RBI, latest financial developments, banking terms, and structure of Indian banking. Whereas in SSC exams, there will be at most 2-3 questions asked from finance and economics under general knowledge section. Hence, you have to prepare for this section separately to qualify the IBPS exam.

Data interpretation and Data sufficiency

The questions from data interpretation asked in SSC exams are quite simpler and easier than IBPS exams. While IBPS used to put quite complex, tricky and lengthy calculations prone questions out of this topics. Therefore, cracking these questions requires the knowledge of shortcuts and immense practice. Besides DI, DS is the typical area out of which more complex and typical questions are framed. Therefore, you have work hard in this area also for qualifying in IBPS exam. Data sufficiency questions are not asked in SSC exams. From this perspective also, IBPS is lot cumbersome exam to crack as compared to SSC.

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Apart from the above things, it must be noted that the pattern of all competitive exams keeps changing. In such a dynamic scenario, it is essential for every candidate to be updated and keep on checking the new notifications uploaded by SSC and IBPS time to time. For more valuable information, keep on tracking us at www.jagranjosh.com.

Good Luck!

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